Sunday, 22 April 2012

Beauty By Eva - A rave review!

My husband and I spent this weekend in a hotel in Swindon, not the most glamorous or beautiful part of the country but we just needed to get away from the many, many things that need doing around the house and relax.

The hotel had spa facilities which we were really looking forward to using, sadly though we picked a weekend when it was overrun with an Under 14's football team and the pool was so full of irritating children that we weren't allowed in! We went down three times in the hopes they'd had their fun and buggered off but our efforts were futile and eventually we went to the desk and made a complaint. We'd chosen that specific hotel on the basis that the offer included use of their facilities and we weren't getting them. However we were told that they were paying guests just like we were, there was a limit of 20 people allowed in the pool at one time and there was nothing they could/would do. I held my own though (whilst feeling like I was going to throw up the whole time!) and suggested that on occasions like this when the children had been in there for THREE AND A HALF HOURS, they put a time limit on it! The manager's only solution was that they were going for dinner at 7 so we could go in then for the hour before they closed. Oh, and a bottle of wine which due to my medication, I can't drink! Boo you, Hilton. Never fear though, I'm my mother's daughter and I will be sending a letter to their head office! It didn't ruin our weekend by any means though, it was just a bit irritating. We still had a wonderfully relaxing time and have come home feeling quite refreshed.

There was one part of our stay though that shone through. I booked myself in with the hotel's independent beauty therapist, Beauty by Eva for an Indian Head Massage thinking it might be rather relaxing and give me a good night's sleep. Upon meeting Eva straight away she made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She explained to me what an Indian Head Massage was and how everyone's technique differs slightly but that it's a very gentle massage. As soon as she started working on my right shoulder I felt it drop dramatically, it was incredible. As she moved to my left shoulder she asked me if I was often tense and whether I normally held my tension across the shoulders. She explained that she could feel I was really quite tense and that she felt I would benefit more from a back, shoulder and neck massage because there is only a certain amount of pressure she's able to apply whilst I'm sitting up. At first I thought she might just be making an offhand comment and just meant for future reference but as we were talking about it she came across as being so genuinely helpful that I asked if it was too late to switch to a proper massage. She said it wasn't a problem at all and soon whipped the room ready for a back massage.

The massage itself was absolutely wonderful. I could feel my muscles loosen within seconds. I know I am quite a tense person, probably due to my anxiety and I spend an awful lot of time with my shoulders tensed. It's almost a protective behaviour so I'm always ready for danger! Eva explained that over time lactic acid builds up in your muscles if you're constantly tensed and eventually knots form. She also said that hunching over the kitchen surface concentrating intensely on cake decorating won't help! So from now on I shall endeavour to take my cupcakes to the dining room!

I came away feeling so incredibly relaxed and refreshed and my shoulders were visibly about three inches lower! I was so impressed with Eva, for her technique, talent and ability and also by her genuine care and concern for her craft. I was so touched that she would take the time to actually advise me on what would suit me and my needs rather than just do whatever she'd been told to. It's rare for someone who have a genuine desire to help a person and want to do what is best for them instead of doing whatever is going to get them the most money. As it was my back massage was actually cheaper than my original treatment so Eva made a loss! She did however gain a client and if I am ever back in that area and in need of a massage she will be my first port of call.

I truly cannot praise her enough. I have a neck again! If you are in the Wiltshire area, this is Eva's website. Go, get your muscles loosened and be pampered by a kind and extremely conscientious therapist. She's an absolute gem!

Eva, if you're reading this, thank you so much!

Mrs D x


  1. The whole pool situations sounds very irritating! I'd be very annoyed too. Good for you for speaking up about it though!

    The massage sounds lovely! I have quite bad back pain quite a lot and have never gotten round to getting a massage.

    1. I'm hoping I'll get a free weekend somewhere out of it ;) My husband mocked me though, he said he was waiting for me to start apologising to them for being annoyed haha!

      Definitely book yourself in for one. I'd never thought of massages as being anything other than pampering but now they seem a bit...necessary!

      Mrs D x


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