Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Very Happy Birthday!

So, I did a birthday yesterday and it was bloody marvellous! I had been dreading it a bit because the last few months have been really difficult but it really was wonderful. I had a tasty lunch out with my friends then spent the afternoon watching 300 and lusting after various sweaty Spartans in their newly (and very well :D) decorated living room. 
My very lovely husband organised a beautiful meal out at The Church Restaurant in Northampton with some friends, his parents and brother, and my mum and step-dad who came down for the evening. It was such a lovely surprise and he wouldn't tell me where we were going until we'd parked the car! As we were driving towards that part of town it crossed my mind that we might go there but I thought 'nooo, don't be silly, it's too nice'! It used to be a fully functionally church and is the oldest secular building in Northampton. They've kept a lot of the beautiful features of the church like the stained glass windows, high beams and arches. It has a lovely, calm atmosphere and the food was absolutely delicious! I had a leek and dolcelatte tart to start, seafood linguine in a cream sauce and to finish strawberry shortcake. Yum!
I really did enjoy myself and was so touched that my husband had organised something so lovely. That combined with my incredible present he got me means he'll be getting all the cheese sandwiches he eat devour for a while. In fact, I'm even going to let him eat the prosciutto he's been gazing longingly at for a week while it's sat in the fridge with the promise of my making saltimbocca 'at some point'!

Right, enough twittering, time for some pictures. :) 

Quite conveniently, my brand new leopard print cat eye sunglasses arrived in the morning and it was sunny so that made for a very happy birthday girl!

My incredible gift from my husband :D A polkadot Zatchel! I've wanted one for ages but could never justify buying myself one when I always manage to find such beautiful bags from places like Next. My husband buys such wonderful presents but I think this might be the best so far!

My gorgeous best friend Robyn and myself before dinner.

My birthday cake! 

Everyone who came to dinner :)

My beautiful new hair flower from GG's Pin Up Couture. I fear this may be the beginning of what could be a huge collection! 

So there we go, I've entered a new age bracket and whilst everyone else seems to be flapping about getting nearer to the 30 mark, I'm quite enjoying it! 

Mrs D x



  1. I LOVE your bag. I've been wanting an old school satchel for ages. I blame you completely for having
    To get one. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Love xxx

    1. Get a Zatchel, they're bloody lovely! I want more now haha. xxx


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