Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Geeky Necklace!

Unless you live in a cave you'll have no doubt heard about The Hunger Games series. My mum passed the books onto me last year just after my cousin gave them to her when she was visiting for my wedding. I read all three books in about 10 days, I just could not put them down! It's been a long, long time since I've read a single book, let alone three that gripped me so much. They're aimed at young adults but there's a very important underlying theme that adults can definitely relate to. I found myself relating to a lot of the characters as well though and that's why I loved them so much. The female protagonist is fierce, intelligent and strong because she has to be, nothing like that bloody Bella moron from the Twilight books. *vomit*

Oops, got a bit carried away there! A while ago I discovered Pretty Little Charms who makes the most beautiful jewellery hand crafted from recycled books. I was immediately drawn to this particular necklace and finally got my hands on one.

I love the mockingjay aspect of the book. It represents hope and rebellion; something that was never meant to exist. It might just be a make-believe bird and idea from a book but I love it! Not only is it an incredibly beautiful design and novel idea, everytime I look at it I'm reminded of what it means and it makes me stand a little taller. 

I've been wearing it non-stop since I got it and I don't see that changing!
Do you have any jewellery that stirs something up inside of you? Or am I really just that frivolous and silly?!

Mrs D x



  1. What a lovely necklace!! And a great idea for it too. I have a few old pieces of jewellery that are special to me, so can understand your love!

    I am the same as you about the whole Twilight saga. *yawn*. Must confess reading is not a thing I have time for these days (I used to love reading but now its academic only), so haven't read the books you mentioned.

    1. I'm quite fussy when it comes to jewellery so I love it when I find something I really love.

      What are you studying? Academic reading has a tendency to take over from recreational reading but I think as long as you're doing reading of some sort it's good!



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