Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Little Paris Kitchen

WARNING! May contain a lot of over excitement from food discussion and a fair amount of gushing!

Saturday mornings are generally a tie with Sunday mornings in my favourite time of the week because they usually start with a cup of tea in my pyjamas whilst watching Saturday Kitchen with the hairy husband. However, with the addition of The Little Paris Kitchen straight after, Saturday mornings are way at the top of the list!

Here are two facts about me. 1. I love cooking programs. 2. I love France and French cuisine. 

As a child we went to France for our summer holiday almost every year right up until the summer before my parents separated when I was 16. Sadly I haven't been to France in nearly 9 years (goodness me, I'm older than I thought!) and I miss it dearly. I yearn for sitting outside on dusky summery nights drinking wine, nibbling olives and having dinners consisting of a loaf of bread, wheel of super stinky cheese and apples. Fortunately for us my husband's cousin is getting married in August in the church near their second home in Normandy (ooh lala!) so we get our first French long weekend together and I cannot wait!

The Little Paris Kitchen is definitely to blame for today's French-y yearning. Everything about the program from the 1950's style enamel scuffed and scratched mixing bowl and mis-matched crockery to Rachel Khoo's beautiful dresses, red lips and doe eyes is utterly delightful and makes some of the best 30 minutes of cookery television I've ever come across. It's full of beautiful shots of Paris and glorious patisseries. I like that it's realistic in that her kitchen is a genuine Parisian kitchen which means it's quite compact with a tiny little oven. Although she cooks in pretty dresses I get the impression that that is genuinely what she wears day to day plus she adheres to my favourite house-rule of no shoes! Her mistakes of dropping nutmeg in the pan and things breaking off are genuine and her charm comes from that rather than any seductive finger licking or boisterous larking about.

I've recorded the first two episodes so I can re-watch them later with a pen and paper. I bought a madeleine pan a while ago and have been dying to use it so that's one recipe I'll be noting down. The other I really want is the Truite en Papillote (trout in a parcel). I remember my mum always cooking fish in a parcel when I was a child and it's something I've not tried yet. My husband loves fish but we don't eat nearly enough of it. So that is definitely going on next week's menu!

If you haven't caught it yet and you like cookery programs I strongly recommend watching it. The first two episodes are here on the BBC iPlayer so go grab a pen and paper and get watching! 

Mrs D x

All images used are taken from The Little Paris Kitchen homepage on the BBC website.

Monday, 26 March 2012

OOTD no.2

It was such a gloriously sunny day on Saturday that it felt wrong to wear anything but a dress. The world isn't quite ready for my bare tree trunks, especially when dresses always come up a bit short on my 5ft9 frame so tights are always a must. Unfortunately though I could only find my trusty woolly tights or black opaque tights which as you can see, didn't quite look right! 
It didn't really matter though because I spent most of the day in the garden with my lovely friend Sarah who stayed for the weekend. We spent most of our time baking brownies, watching films, nattering and eating bacon sandwiches served by my wonderful husband. We don't see eachother much so it's lovely when we do get a chance to catch up, Plus, she's my only other rockabilly fan so we get to share tips!

Dress - Collectif's Dolores Doll Dress
Shoes - coral pair of dolly courts from Next
Lipstick - Rockalily in Mae Hem, the gorgeous coral/red shade inspired by Mae West!

Mrs D


Thursday, 22 March 2012

My First Outfit of the Day!

At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself; I would stop worrying so much about what other people think and start to be exactly who I want to be. I've always admired 1950's, rockabilly and vintage fashion and longed to wear red lipstick, petticoats and leopard print but for some reason thought I couldn't.
My mum says that as a child I always had very unique views on what I wanted to wear and she just went with it. My crowning moment was definitely lime green and yellow leggings with a matching t-shirt! :D She said even in my early teens I always pushed towards lots of polkadots and bows in my hair. I remember some girls in my AS Level Media Studies class laughing at me once because I had a pink satin bow in my hair and I think that was probably one of the first times that I really cared about what someone thought. I'm not sure why it happened then but it held me back. That and I started to gain a lot of weight which made me feel quite hideous.
Not anymore! Well, I am still a fatty but I'm trying my best to embrace it. For the last couple of months I've explored my love for headscarves, polkadots, leopard print and swing dresses and it's been marvellous! If someone stares at me I don't feel like I want to crawl in a hole; I want to hold my head high and blow them a red lipsticked kiss.
I'm not my any means a vintage/retro/rockabilly expert and I'm totally new to this. I want to learn lots and take inspiration from others but reflect it into how I feel that particular day. So, teach me!

In the meantime though, this is my very first OOTD :)

Lipstick - Also from Rockalily (you'll notice a theme after a while!)
Cardigan - Good old Marks & Spencer
Floral vest -
Jeans - Yours Clothing
Excellent old lady slippers - Sainsburys!

Mrs D x

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